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Facetune is a one-stop source for selfie, mobiography and photo tips & tricks. Brought to you by the FacetuneApp, the most powerful mobile portrait editor in existence.

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This app is mind blowing and insanely powerful. This is an augmented reality app under the guise of a selfie editor. You can change the shape of you lips, nose, eye width, height, etc in real time (and not to presets like in Snapchat's 'beauty filter'). This is the next, natural evolution of the beautification of our online monikers.
Facetune looks like a great app, but the reviews on the app page shows the other side (monetization)...pity. Anyway, I'm an android user, so it doesn't make any difference (I can't use it..:( ). Maybe the facetune team needs to play with other monetization techniques and it's the hardest thing for the app devs. One mistake will end up loosing 1000s of customers. Good luck facetune team..:)
@ramkumarhq it's not a crime to want to be compensated for your hard work. It's well worth the subscription price if you use it. People who want free apps deserve the quality they get.
@nickatloot -- yeah that's true. if the product is good, then it's worth to pay it, but at the same time the creators can definitely test other monetization ideas to see how the customers react..It's hard to satisfy everyone, but if they could satisfy majority of the users, then it would be a great app. Btw, I'm just curious..what is the subscription fee on Facetune 2??
@nickatloot @ramkumarhq I think that people here are trying to say that you're trying to be over-compensated for your work, today. Which is a pity, because the project that you've started with in the beginning was great. Now seems more a sort of "scam" Btw, if people here are talking about it, means that maybe you didn'd make a "great" job with this release.
In app payments would be desired to be compensated. Monthly subscription is Adobe greed... I suppose 100 paying customers might enough for them, but they lost their customer base. Facetune 2 subscription sucks is the new tag line. Won't update, current app is good.
I remember @DanielleMorrill mentioning this app on the Product Hunt podcast a few years ago. Ahhh, the memories.
This is an unbelievable amazing app with an unbelievable amazing team. I won't be surprised to see a 150M+ acquisition from Facebook / Apple / Google etc.