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May 18th, 2020

Spotify's experimental co-listening app 🎧
Spotify is finally getting social.

Last week Spotify launched a global co-listening experiment with the aim to connect people through music. When you use Listening Together you get paired up with someone across the world to listen to the same song in sync, and you can travel around digitally to see what people in other countries are listening to. Spotify also recently launched group sessions so you can share DJ duties with your friends at a safe social distance.

Speaking of experiments, this summer things may look a little different in the music festival scene, but we’re always in the mood to try something new. There’s an impressive lineup of virtual music festivals and artist live streams coming our way this month. Join a Houseparty or use Messenger Rooms with your friends to watch the streams together. Don’t forget to don your festival outfit or set a theme with your friends to add some extra entertainment value, we know you’re dying to bust out that bucket hat. 😉

For a more laid-back music discovery experience you can take turns playing and discovering new tracks with friends or co-workers. AuxParty, the spiritual successor to, was designed with remote teams in mind and is compatible with Spotify and SoundCloud.

And for those who love to make music, you can co-create electronic music with Ocean beta. The aim is to lift barriers to entry for making EDM so you can explore sounds and create with a global community all in your browser.

Music is a powerful tool for bringing people together, and we’re looking forward to celebrating summer in a new way this year.
Listen Together
Last week Clubhouse announced its $100M raise, backed by a16z. Get ready for a wave of “Clubhouse for X”. Here’s one for music-lovers.
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