Spotify Group Session

Share DJ duties with anyone in your immediate vicinity

A host can share a scannable Spotify code from their app with whomever they want to share playback control, meaning that the host and guests can pause, play, skip, and select tracks in the queue, and add their own picks to the list.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
I wish you could do this remotely, especially with the social distancing going on right now.
@eric_sinnicke I would have waited to launch this after the C thing is more over it's tipping point.
@eric_sinnicke Exactly! I tested this with a friend on a Zoom call and wanted what HE was DJing to play on MY local Spotify connected to MY speakers. Instead, I got his Spotify to play through his speakers (and then sound like crap through Zoom). Just bring back Turntable.FM and I'll be happy.
@eric_sinnicke @geoff_brown1 if you loved turntable, check out auxparty! I'm not affiliated, I'm just a user and the team running it is great
The feature we've all been waiting for unless your friends have terrible taste in music...
@ryonatan Best case scenario ah!
Awesome for Minimal parties in Berlin
Sharing playlists by QR is great