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April 13th, 2020

You probably need a haircut

As most of the world remains indoors (for good reason), we’ve seen the Maker community rally to relieve cabin fever and loneliness with a wave of new virtual-friendly products and services.

If you read the digest two weeks ago, you will remember YUR, a virtual watch that tracks your health stats when playing games in VR. We also covered Instagram’s exploration into co-watching parties.

While we’re all in lockdown together, we wanted to share a few more recent launches we can all enjoy together online.

🏡 Airbnb recently joined the trend by moving Experiences online, connecting hosts to new audiences remotely. You can book a magician to teach you magic tricks, learn how to cook with a Moroccan family, or even train with an Olympic athlete.

"Kudos to the Airbnb team and the hosts for creating an online experience to the people staying home and enjoy the experiences.” –Divyansh Patel

💇🏻‍♀️You probably need a haircut offers guided haircuts from hairstylists remotely. Alternatively, you could use Snap Camera to cover your shaggy head at your next Zoom birthday party.

“This is such a neat idea! I gave it a go yesterday and cut my husband’s hair and beard with the guidance of an amazing hairstylist.”–Aiman Batool

🎥 Vemos launched making it easy to watch movies with your friends and family. This free, open-source browser extension brings Zoom-like features to streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, and Disney+.

"This is a great piece of work by @nolaneo, highly recommend checking it out during this insane time in the world.”–Des Traynor

📚Goodnight Zoom connects isolated seniors to families with children so they can read bed-time stories together.

“This is the most heartwarming idea I have ever seen! This is such a uniting platform - in current times more than ever.”–Anastasia Orgaz
Book a remote stylist ✂️

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