You Probably Need a Haircut

Virtual cuts that make you look like you've got it together

We connect you to top barbers from Williamsburg, Los Angeles, Paris and Montreal via video chat to coach you through giving yourself your own haircut, or coaching your friend give you a haircut.
Get the gift of peace of mind 🧘🏻‍♂️
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Feature request: Spectator mode. I'll chip in a few bucks to watch a friend cut their own hair. :)
@rrhoover @gregisenberg Netflix for people cutting their own hair. Love it!
@felixoginni that would be great indeed 😂
@rrhoover Maybe even a friendfunder to pay for it. I would pay for a friend to cut his own hair and be able to watch it.
@rrhoover my friends and I actually chipped in for around $500 so that one of us got a haircut done by their partner (with no barber skills obv) over zoom last week :D Ofc the money went to a healthcare fundraiser so it's all for a good cause!
A fun project I worked on to support barbers. Ask me anything.
Isn’t this by the hottest guy in tech? Damn, he’s unstoppable.
@pasql very on brand too
This is epic. Would love Ryan’s suggestion to spectate on people cutting their own hair 😂
Maybe include some resources/suggestions to help users find the right tools?