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August 21st, 2017

Inside Scoop on YC S17 Demo Day 🤑🚀
Today is the largest Demo Day in Y Combinator's 12.5 year history, with 124 companies presenting over the the two days of product launches. Many of these companies have recently launched on Product Hunt.

• YC's youngest ever founders launched
• Learn to code on the go with the beautiful Py app
• Get superpowers right inside GCal with Meetingbird
• Manage your money with your partner via Honeydue
• Get a full CS education for FREE through Lambda School
• Rent modern furniture for yourself & your startup on Feather

Follow the YC S17 Collection as new companies will be added throughout the day. 🚀

YC S17 Demo Day
Android Oreo is here! It is smarter, faster, more powerful, and has the coolest launch video ever. 🌒🍪