Get automated leads from a database of 70 million people πŸ“Š

Slik is a platform that automates sales prospecting and lead generation. We've built a database of over 70 million people and created a simple way to filter through that database so that salespeople can save time and easily find leads that they want to reach out to.

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Hi everyone! I'm Stefan, the co-founder of Slik, we're excited to be on Product Hunt today, and launching our latest product, an all-new way to automate prospecting and lead generation. We've built up a database of over 70 million people and created a a simple way to filter through that database so that salespeople can save time and automate their process of gathering leads and figuring out who to reach out to. Last year, we originally launched a Chrome extension that could find anyone's email address, but we realized that salespeople still had major issues with their workflow. So over the past few months, we've been focusing on creating our latest product, which solves a majority of the core issues we've seen salespeople have for prospecting. We collect all of our data without any human involvement, which allows us to have much higher accuracy than competitors(95% email accuracy compared to 50 - 60%), and be 1/3 of the cost. We're offering a 50 lead free trial, so would love for you to test it out & hear your feedback! Feel free to comments here, or email me, if you have any questions or comments.
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@slik @stefanstok @soroushg_ Congrats on the hustle and hard work. Been watching this product grow from the initial concept.
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@slik @stefanstok I signed up for a trial and tried exporting 7 leads and it didn't have email addresses for 5 of them, but it deducted credits for all 7. Does it count records without emails against the credits in the premium account as well?
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@slik @stefanstok Congrats Stefan. I dont see the lead details after I create the list. Am I missing something?
@slik @stefanstok Nice work. My partner is a interior designer, would you recommend for generating local leads?
Hey Makers! I'm Soroush, the co-founder of Slik. Thank you Nick for hunting us. We have a free trial of 50 credits if you signup at Would love to get feedback and I'll be on Product Hunt all day today answering questions, so ask away.
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I'd be very cautious using any email leads like this outside of the US. While it doesn't breach CAN-SPAM, it does breach PECR, CASL, German law and the upcoming GDPR to name a few. My advice is never to send cold emails.
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@samsexton I think there's a distinction between selling and marketing here. If the data was collated from public sources and not from lists where the user gave permission for something else entirely then it should be fine. As long as it's transactional and not marketing. Adding these into a sales sequence and waiting for a reply is no different from researching yourself and emailing personally. *As long as all these emails are gathered from public sources.*
@samsexton Your advice is poorly positioned. Here's some evidence:
@stinhambo unfortunately the law just isn't with you on this. The PECR regulations for instance, prohibit unsolicited mail to individuals and it makes special note that an individual is any one person. So public or not, that does not omit email senders from the law.
@datarade On the contrary I think good business ethics and following the law of the countries in which you send are very good bits of advice.
@stinhambo @samsexton How do you think LinkedIn grew massive? or SocialCam? etc... Your advice is okay, but not good for new companies in the USA.
Stefan, cool idea. But who are these people? how did you collect them?
@basilfarraj Great question! We've spent the last few months perfecting our data gathering system, and it primarily focuses on people and their professional information. We index, crawl, and scrape the public web to gather this information, and then verify this data using data cleaning techniques and some machine learning. Some sources we use include social media sites, public directories, government filings, etc. We scrape hundreds of millions of sites a month to keep this data clean.
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@stefanstok Thanks for the answer! Great work :-)
@basilfarraj @stefanstok how often do you re-scrape the data...people move so just wondering
@basilfarraj @stefanstok @dnyflorian Our data is updated every month, we've seen about 6-8% of data goes stale every month so it's really important that everything is done recently.
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Love the product and the founders!