Modern-day furniture rentals for millennials and startups

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Great Idea. It really resonates with me.. However, the prices are way too high
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@rom_sh - glad to see the idea is resonating! Totally understand that the pricing might seem a bit high. We actually just implemented a new sliding price scale that will change the pricing based on the length of your rental. For example, a 12 month rental will be much less expensive than, say, a 3 month rental. Regardless, as we grow, the prices will most certainly be coming down as we achieve greater economies of scale :)
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@rom_sh @jay_reno You list Wayfair as an example furniture company. I bought a bed on there for less than $400 last year. So if your bed costs about that much for a year it doesn't make sense. The pricing should work for people that only plan to live in a city for a year, in my opinion. This makes sense for people sharing with friends and don't want to own a sectional couch. You should discount for bulk items too, this already exists as a service you've just 'startup-ized' it.
@jay_reno Why wouldn't I just buy these things on Wayfair or Ikea or Article or JoyBird? The pricing seems too high to rent.
@rom_sh @jay_reno @brackin Is there a rent-to-own option? That might be interesting to explore. Buying $400 bed doesn't really seem in line with what feather is trying to do since their items are generally a bit nice. Seems like the renting option might be an interesting way to try out a nicer item in your home while you're still deciding, but you know you don't want a cheap bed from IKEA. I like the concept and the convenience but modern isn't my style.
Thanks @katmanalac! Feather (YC S17) is a furniture rental company, setting out to provide stylish, affordable furniture to people and startups that move frequently. I've moved 5 times in 6 years living in New York, and each time I spent an overwhelming amount of time at IKEA buying, schlepping, and assembling furniture I didn't exactly want. And at the end of each lease, I found myself with furniture that didn't travel well to my new apartment, and was often forced to scrap it, only to return to IKEA again to furnish my new apartment. It was a vicious cycle of buying things I didn't really want, that didn't really last - and I'm sure many of you have gone through the same trouble. That's why I created Feather - the best way to remove yourself from the burden of furniture. Click a few buttons and your furniture is delivered, fully assembled and placed in the the room of your choice. When you're ready to move, click a button and we'll come and pick it up. We're excited to help people live more freely and flexibly. Feedback openly welcomed! Thanks all, Jay, Founder & CEO
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@katmanalac @jay_reno YES! Just wrote about needing this, thank you! https://medium.com/@DessaBrennan...
@dessabrennan @dessalindstrom - that's great to hear! Awesome Medium post!
@katmanalac @jay_reno I think that the vicious cycle of people posting 'your items are too expensive' and you needing to comment on every single one justifying *why* they are so expensive, is a really good example of how startup founders can look customer feedback in the face and say, 'you're wrong.' And I hate to be harsh, but that's why I can never see this taking off. You can't be on your site all day every day explaining to every potential customer why you're so overpriced - just doesn't bode well for the future in my opinion.
@katmanalac @jay_reno @macconnollyco Assumptions, Assumptions, Assumptions. Yes I agree that price is very important, but time and mindspace is even more since you don't own it and have to take care of it. Pretty much the same as buying or renting a home; buying is allways cheaper but with it comes other responsibilities. Price is not going to win customers over, I agree, so messaging the "real value" is key. But there is a market for it, and it's fresh so people like @dessalindstrom are glad you made it! And also shows your entrepreneurial skill because you probably heared the arguments before, and decided to build it and test it out. Congratulations on getting on PH, and to throw in a slogan that fits; Mo forniture, Mo problems... :)
Prices are hiiiigh! You can just go to Ikea and buy all of the stuff for like.. nothing.
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@imromains - thanks for your feedback Romain. Curious to know if there are any particular items you feel are a bit higher than you think are reasonable to pay each month.
@imromains @jay_reno Love the idea. But I'm comparing prices from Ikea or Wayfair. On Feather, almost every Sofa is more than $50/month and good ones are over $100/month. I might consider, if I know for sure I'm not staying at one place for more than 3-4 months. But if I know that I'm gonna be stable for 6 months or more, I'd look for cheaper options. I wouldn't pay $600 to rent a decent sofa for six months. Or may be I'm cheap :) Good luck!
@jay_reno mmm, the chairs you offer: (beautiful, I have to admit) - Carmine Arm Chair : $72 / month - Tallahassee Chair : $10 / month Two types, with two different prices. Fair enough, however, you can buy a pretty decent chair in Ikea for 50 pounds (sorry, didn't look in the USA). Ok, it will not be made by a designer but for owning Ikea furnitures I can say that the quality is pretty good and I will own the chair after paying 50 pounds. In the case of Feather I will pay 10 or 72 dollars per month (in this case) and I will never own the product. I think the price is just too high, but it could have been interesting if you could have done something like leasing (.. but it would be like a loan or like paying multiple times when buying a product at the end, so I'm not sure if it interesting). To resume: If you can afford to rent products on feather, you can afford to buy those furnitures. If you cannot afford renting on Feather you can go to Ikea or similar places and buy furnitures from there. Let me know if I'm wrong ☺️ .
@imromains - awesome, this is super helpful feedback. Would love to hear more about what might help move the needle were we to offer a rent-to-buy option. Any thoughts there would be much appreciated!
@jay_reno @imromains What you are missing here is that there are some people that wouldn't be satisfied with "any chair" just because its cheap. You need to have a house you love, properly decorated and with style, that is the meaning to have a home. A place filled with cheap buys without style or relations to one another is just a space with things in it... not a home.
Great idea. I think as this business scales, it will really resonate with people. I opened a coworking space and spent $8k+ on furniture without knowing whether or not the coworking business would survive in my town. This would have been a great option to have when starting the coworking space. But, I agree with some comments here about the prices being a little high. Best of luck!
@parkeragee - great idea, Parker. We've found that a number of growing startups and small businesses, especially with small to medium-sized offices, have benefitted tremendously by renting vs forking over thousands of dollars up front before they've found product/market fit. Hope the co-working space project went well!
You do realise that millennial can barely afford rent let alone splash out $400 a month on a bookcase. IKEA is cheaper than renting one of these for a month!
@robjbye - you're totally right! The bookcase on there was added as a request by one of our customers, wanting to rent that particular item. It's definitely above what most (read: all) younger people would be willing to spend on a bookcase per month. We do have a number of more well-funded companies that have a bit more money to spend than you or I, so that's generally where the "premium" furniture on our site is being rented. Thanks for your note - we'll make sure our prices stay as low as they can as we grow.