Py 2.0

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Would you recommend Py 2.0 to a friend?


Mike R Wilson
@mike_rwilson · Sales Manager
Amazing! Need android version!
Prabhâkar Thota
@prabhakar_thota · Happy Coding :)
Waiting for Android app. :(
Romain Sourdiaux
@imromains · 🍋
Androiiiiiid 😟
Derek Lo
@derek_t_lo · Co-founder & CEO, Py
Hey PH! We're excited to be back here with a big update to Py. We've revamped our interface and focused in on content for programming and data science. Excited to hear what you all think! Also very happy to announce that Py was featured on the App Store this past week and reached the Top 5 Education apps in the store. I'd love to answer questions and hear y… See more
Kat Manalac
@katmanalac · Partner, Y Combinator
I'm almost done with Py's Python course and it's seriously very fun. There's something addictive about the lessons, and it feels like playing a game. The app is also beautifully designed.