Meetingbird for Google Calendar

Superpowers for Google Calendar

#4 Product of the DayAugust 15, 2017
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Meetingbird's new chrome extension adds a few super useful features to Google Calendar. My favorites are timezone conversions, travel time calculations, and meeting history. Excited to see what the Product Hunt community thinks!
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Thanks @gustaf I’m Paul, co-founder of Meetingbird. Our new chrome extension adds a few superpowers to Google Calendar to make scheduling meetings easier. Those include: 1. Timezone conversions at a glance 2. Travel time calculations with Google Maps 3. Meeting rescheduling tracking - know how many times a meeting has been moved 4. Meeting history - instantly view the past meetings that you’ve shared with 1 or more attendees We think these simple but powerful additions to GCal can save a lot of time with scheduling - excited to see what you all think! We’ll be around all day for questions.
Awesome addition to Google calendar. I don't know how many meetings I've scheduled and forgot about timezone conversion. 😶 Dope🚬🚬
I love this, I love products that integrate seamlessly into existing tools and GCal integration is a killer feature. This could be huge if you use it for appointment scheduling.
I have been using this recently and so far I'm liking it - it is simple and easy to use. Great job Paul and team! Do you have a mobile app version? Its not easy to use it in a mobile browser as it doesn't render properly. Thanks!
I always have an inbox tab and a google calendar tab pinned. Now it is all in one tab!!