Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 23rd, 2019

800 screenshots of app inspo

ICYMI: We’re covering the most upvoted products on Product Hunt this year in this week’s newsletters. The countdown continues...

20. Stonly creates interactive step-by-step, embeddable product explanations. The product was created by the founder of Dashlane, and ultimately aims to help people who build cool things explain how those cool things work.

“I highly recommend Stonly to our portfolio startups wanting to optimize their support teams. Top-notch UX, interactive and time-saving.“ - Laetitia

19. Clean Mockups make it super easy to create mockups right from your browser. The idea is that you’ll spend more time on product thinking versus things like resizing and masking.

“Cool, sleek design with perky colors.” - Melissa

18. INK is a handy, writers-first tool that helps to optimize content for Google. It eliminates the need to rely on SEO experience to help content stand a chance in search, and improves content traffic by understanding what audiences want.

“I have been working with and using INK for the past three months. It has changed the way I want to write.” - Sarah

17 . Glaze is a library of royalty-free illustrations anyone can use in their products or presentations.

“These are great! Using them for a presentation I'm giving soon to evoke the emotion I want people to feel. Powerful for storytelling.” - Kunal

16. Webframe is a database of 800 web app screenshots to give you inspiration for your next app. The Maker wanted to help other makers avoid signing up for web apps when they want screenshots for #inspo, which in turn leads to being spammed forever and ever.

“There's a million variations of this idea but Webframe brings a new approach to the problem. It earned a bookmark in my browser.” - Aaron

In tomorrow’s (CHRISTMAS) newsletter: a privacy assistant, a useful comic book, and an attorney-approved product. 👀

800 web app screenshots

This is like your Instagram Top Nine...but smarter? 🤔