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Hello Product Hunt! This is my first ever launch on Product Hunt - I’ve basically had massive launch-fear ALL MY LIFE and so I decided to force myself to launch 1 product every week (https://1productaweek.com) - I need to face this head on 😬. Webframe [week 1] is a free tool for designers, developers and hackers to get inspiration from the internets top web apps. Whenever I start a new project, I always look for inspiration from other sites (no point re-inventing the wheel), but getting screenshots of the internals of web apps often means you have to signup, hand over credit card details and accept being spammed forever more. βœ… Browse >800 screenshots from the best designed web apps (will add more each week) βœ… Retina quality (with scrolling), makes it feel like you’re on the original page βœ… View screenshots from behind signup/paywalls (i.e. no to hand over your e-mail and get spammed to oblivion πŸ˜…) βœ… Save a collection of your favorite designs I built this over 5 days and documented the design and dev process - so if you’re interested in how I did it check out https://1productaweek.com πŸ‘πŸ½ πŸŽ‰ If you’d like to be featured on the site, put your website in the comments below! πŸŽ‰
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@sab8a Thank you! πŸ™
@calum_moore dude 1productaweek is an awesome idea :)! Let me know if you need help cause I got all day every day till July 8, and I consider myself an "okayish" hacker haha!
Hi @sourab_reddy πŸ‘‹! Would love to get some help. Would you be up for helping to improve Webframe? I've created a Github page with the roadmap - https://github.com/1productaweek...
@calum_moore looked at the roadmap, can help with the chrome extension to begin with, let's continue the discussion on github, thanks!
The last photo is amazing. Please say it's real?
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@jonmarkelley Yes, it's real! Fortunately I got them to refund it πŸ˜…, but it was a nerve wracking experience!
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@jonmarkelley Can you link the preview? My PC can't handle the number or maybe, the filter? I'd like to check that too.
@welvinrc What do you see? Can you add a screenshot and desc on Github? It should lazy load the screenshots, so as long as you scroll slowly enough it should be fine?
@calum_moore I'm sorry, yes, I know the lazy loading, but my I'm having issues loading the images likely because of my network. That is why I asked the direct link of the last photo from @jonmarkelley
@welvinrc Ah, he's referring to the image on PH - https://ph-files.imgix.net/ad458...
Nice product, would be great to have a way to filter out mobile designs
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@ange_du_soir Thank you! πŸ™ There aren't any mobile design screenshots right now - I might add some though! Are you thinking of screenshots from a website in mobile responsive view or a native app?
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@calum_moore both :) Native & responsive could be in the same mobile section IMHO
@ange_du_soir Yep, that makes sense. I will get some mobile pages added!
@ange_du_soir I support this :)
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@ange_du_soir Mobile design patterns are archived here in Mobbin . Check it out :)
So far today, I've added Slite , Dislack and Presto to Webframe. Would you like me to add your start up? πŸ“ˆ
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Hey @calum_moore , would be awesome if you can add Metomic. You can find us right next to you on Product Hunt today :) https://landing.metomic.io
@calum_moore Hey, I think you can add HoneyMoney.io as a case for adding new entry and calendar. Check out the demo.
@ildar_abdulin Thanks, have added πŸŽ‰
I think this is a great tool for inspiration! Would love to also see some micro interactions from sites too!
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@marcoafabrega Hi, thank you! πŸ™ By micro interactions, do you mean like dropdown menus, loaders, etc?
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@calum_moore That's exactly what I mean! It could even be interactions that take place when you scroll down a page.
@marcoafabrega also support this FR :)