Stonly is a customer success tool that helps you improve user satisfaction, activation and retention while reducing support costs. It allows you to create step-by-step interactive guides that can be embedded on the web, in your product or in your help-center.
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Hi everyone and thanks a lot to @alexd for hunting us, you rock. We are thrilled to be on Product Hunt today as we have been working relentlessly on Stonly for over a year now. The reason we decided to create Stonly is that current tools just don't work to explain modern products or teach complex technologies. Linear articles and stopping/starting videos is garbage. Ultimately, people are out there building the coolest things but they are failing at explaining how they work. We think that sucks. Stonly keeps all that hard work from being wasted. it lets products, services and teachers be their best. We want to reinvent the way help content is created to go from static, unorganized and hard to digest information to interactive, detailed, step-by-step guides. Let me give you some use cases to make it more concrete: - Let’s say you have an issue with an app and you try to look for help online. You will probably end up on their help-center but then might end-up reading endless articles and never find a solution to your specific case. These articles can be replaced by simple step-by-step guides making sure you only see the content that is relevant to you. Here is for instance a guide created by Calendly to help their users installing Calendly on their website: - It is also very helpful for companies to create troubleshooting experience for their users. Dashlane has seen a 28%+ reduction in tickets opening while A/B testing one of their article with the following Stonly: And for people that ended up created a ticket, the first-reply rate received a 20% bump as information about the navigation history was transferred to the agent. - Confrere got even further and integrated a Widget we have developed prior to their Intercom chat so that people could fix their issues by themselves. Here is me demoing the experience: Here also when a user ended up starting an Intercom convo, the person replying got a private note with the history. But Stonly is also used by companies to help agents with scripted guides, train partners and team members or to create purchase guides for customers. As you can see the possibilities are endless and we are looking forward to hearing how you could use it. We have tried to create the most convenient and enjoyable way to create these guides and would love to hear your feedback on how we can make it better.
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@alexd @alexisfogel Hey Alexis, I sent you a PM here and on Facebook :)
Hello, I've used stonly to build interractive how-to articles to onboard my colleagues on a new internal tool that I've built. I prefered Stonly over Confluence because the end result feels much easier to digest for the reader. Also with Stonly it's really easy to build several small explanations and then link them together. This is great for maintainance and of course the resulting flow will allow the reader the freedom to pick his prefered topics.
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@kignuf Thanks, I love the use case on which you have implemented Stonly :).
@kignuf Similar use case for me. We moved our how-to handbooks from Google slides to Stonly, and magically people started actually using them! The very easy to navigate and user-friendly interface is a huge step up from the boring slides we used to have.
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I met Alexis few months ago and he showed me Stonly. The product is really impressive and the team is moving very very fast. I wish them a lot of success.
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Great tool for improving user onboarding experience, top notch UI. Very exciting!
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@valentin_berthomier Thanks a lot Valentin, glad you like it :)
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Easy to use, neatly designed, covers many use-cases.
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@arthurrougier Thanks, that's exactly what we want to do :)
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