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Feel confident you've boosted your content for search by optimizing and writing in one place. Finally, improve your traffic potential by understanding what your audience wants, and how Google interprets content - so your ideas stay top of mind.
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I had a chance to see this product in preview, and found it a very impressive writing tool, with a ton of potential. If you've been using Yoast or another product to optimize your content for Google, this one's worth a look -- it's bigger than that: distraction-free-writing meets smart suggestions for SEO and beyond.
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@randfish Needed a new SEO friendly writing tool. Looking forward to test driving this. Now I just need to get some more time to blog in my schedule.
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I have been working with and using INK for the past three months. It has changed the way I want to write. By that I mean: 1. A distraction free writing environment is now a must — I even write non-web content there. 2. I’m not an SEO person and this helps me balance the art of writing with the science of the web. 3. Forces me to know WHAT & WHO I’m writing for from the get go. Thank you to @adridder and team for creating something useful and that solves a very real problem — content creators and writers now have something that will give them an upper hand. It’s like driving with Waze , you can drive without it, but why would you?
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@prsarahevans Thank you Sarah. Your kind words mean a lot to us.
Thanks, @randfish Hi, PH community! 😹 We built INK for writers-first, because web content creators are 😤 frustrated to have to rely on an SEO expert to have their content stand a chance in search. Google has moved on from Natural Language Processing to Natural Language Understanding, and so should you. Long-tail-keyword-stuffing tools and so-called ranking factors have become less effective as search has become personalized and unique for each keyphrase. INK was designed from the ground up so that you can keep up with Google without SEO experience. We’ve observed the frustrating process of cobbling together five or more tools to get the job done, in the hope that your content will be good enough to become a Rank Candidate. I’m sure you already have a ton of questions, so … head over to to grab your personal copy of INK. If you have questions, ask our team in the chat on our site. You can 🙌 celebrate the product launch with us, ask ❓ questions, share your 😍 enthusiasm, 💡ideas, and have a 😊 great time. INK is unique: • It was built for content writers • You don’t need SEO knowledge to benefit • You’ll have search-giant-equivalent billion-dollar AI technology at your side How INK works: • Write • Enter your target keyphrase to optimize for • INK AI reads, understands your competition’s content • INK builds an real-time model of what your search audience is looking for • INK reads and scores your content in real-time and gives you sensible, prioritized goals • Publish to your site Geeky Trivia: • Our built-from-scratch semantic AI is able to map more than a quarter of a billion concept combinations in milliseconds for any given piece of content. • With the AI that powers INK, we’ve created the world’s first brain scan visualizations of Google. If you are curious, you can check out our Whitepaper. • One of the most difficult problems to overcome when building this kind of technology, is to ensure your model identifies and remembers only the most important, relevant information. At one point, we’ve crawled over 100 million search engine results to figure out how to best do this. • Every memorable part of your life deserves a soundtrack. So, before writing one line of code or designing a single screen, our first action was to compose a unique music track to capture the feeling we wanted our users to experience. At every step throughout the development, and design iterations, we listened to this track to ensure we remained true to our vision. • In our meetings, when trying to imagine a solution to a problem, we heavily relied on Plato’s theory of forms to help our team solve user experience or coding problems. While the form of beauty is both ephemeral and elusive, we are to stop and contemplate beauty. And that would lead to us making individual beautiful things. It is astonishing to see how much our team has grown because of this. • After more than 2 years and thousands of hours by a team of truly talented and passionate developers, designers and researchers, I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally share this with the world! And then there’s one more thing, quite important. We’ve taken no outside money or debt to get this far, and while it would be really nice to finally see a paycheck, we’ve made a bold choice to make INK available for 😮 free. We see INK as the ultimate catalyst for our incredible roadmap of innovation in the content performance optimization space. It would mean the world to us if you helped us by sharing INK. Please share INK with your readers, share our precious software via social media, or offline with a friend. Thank you so much! If you have questions or feedback, please leave a comment below! -Alexander De Ridder (co-founder)
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@adridder there is a problem with the Windows file. I had to change its name to correctly install the app. At first it gave an error. I suppose that the problem is that the file has an ex e (with a space between the x and the second e).
@luqa Thank you for sharing. Glad you were able to make it install. My team and I tried to reproduce it, and couldn't yet. Nevertheless, we'll keep an eye out. If you need any support, you can reach out to us via the chatbox on our site, the in-app feedback button, or check our support section at We're really happy to have you join us here today! Thank you! 😀
@adridder It's the first time that happened to me but maybe it was a problem on my side. I don't know. Thanks for your reply.
@luqa No problem, I'm happy to! Have a nice day!! 😄
@adridder Hey! INK looks awesome! How about an interview about it at Send me an email to paul(AT) if interested!
Yes! Finally, it's on PH. Have been waiting for this day for so long. ✨⚡️🎉
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@moinism Right?! Thank you for being here on Launch Day!
I. Am. In. LOVE with this tool. OMG, where has it been all my life? Simply works, and works SO well. It's become a daily use tool for me. Hate seeing it up here because now more people will find it! But seriously - INK is an amazing tool. So incredibly needed and useful!
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@peter_shankman thank you for all of your support! Always appreciate your feedback as we have been building INK. You are an awesome INKfluencer.
@peter_shankman Wow .. love your podcast on ADHD! Thank you so much for your comment!