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#4 Product of the MonthSeptember 2019
Glaze is a platform that democratizes access to high quality illustrations. All illustrations are free as long as you credit the artist. Any illustrator can submit their work.
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"All illustrations are free as long as you credit the artist" is true but it only allows low res .png downloads. It's very limiting in terms of the actual value in the "free" resources but could still be useful for fast prototyping.
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@fricklers Thanks, this is really great feedback. We're considering having larger image sizes for the free download, especially if user's feel like the smaller size is unusable. This feedback is helpful in prioritizing that, so thanks for chiming in.
@mrhamzasidd indeed, but the value is still in the vector file. What I have experienced is that you at least customize colors and in the end, it would most probably be needed to use in any product on the implementation stage. I guess this doesn't necessarily fit your model
@fricklers @mrhamzasidd I think if you check out you'll see what you're up against. They are AWESOME and give away the SVG for free. You don't even need to sign in.
@mrhamzasidd @mickc79 yeah I've been using Undraw since it was launched and they seem to be adding new illustrations quite frequently
Okay. $20 USD for one illustration?... Thanks but no thanks. I use @icons_8
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@icons_8 @oliver_cambrano1 Cheaper than iStock. If you don't get more than $20 of value from an illustration, you're using it wrong.
I love the illustrations themselves but the home page tagline "Free illustrations, for everything" is somehow misleading.
I am in absolutely NO WAY AFFILIATED, but I feel that I need to mention as they have a very similar offering but everything (including the SVG file), is actually free. I find the tagline here to be misleading.
@mickc79 is no more exist.
@veeresh_devireddy I used it last night...
@veeresh_devireddy sorry it’s
Nice I will soon add it to
I did it today in the illustration section!
@sandochee Thanks Sandoche! Great site
Hey @sandochee would you add to your repository? I've tried to contact you through the website but the contact button doesn't work for me :(
@zdanovi I'll put it in my waiting list, and I'll let you know once added