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October 21st, 2019

NEW from Figma: GitHub for designers

Pablo Stanley believes in the idea of open design. Pablo (the maker behind Buttsss, Humaaans, Bottts and Avataaars, among others) recently launched his latest (seemingly controversial) project, Open Doodles, a collection of “open-source” illustrations that others can copy, edit, remix, share or redraw for any purpose without restriction under copyright or database law.

“I hope that this kind of resource makes it easier for designers to show the value of illustration in their mockups, or just add a bit of quirkiness to their products. Maybe this will encourage others to create their own kit and share it with the world,” Pablo wrote on Product Hunt.

It seems Figma shares his sentiment. Today, the startup is taking the hood off Figma Community, a public space where people can publish live design files.

How it works: Because Figma has a free tier and is web-based, anyone can inspect, remix and learn from the work shared. This means diving into layers panels or clicking through nested design elements to understand how a design was made. Designers can duplicate those works to their own Figma account when the licensing allows for it, and companies can create public profiles to share their teams’ designs out in the open.

“Designers are opening up. They’re welcoming non-designers into their process. They’re co-editing with teammates. They’re sharing what they do and how they do it with the community. And they’re setting a new standard for the next generation. So, today, Figma is evolving to make it even easier to open up the design process," says Figma co-founder and CEO Dylan Field. 

Out of the gate, a number of tech companies and designers are sharing their work (and how they do it) through Figma Community. 👀

Slack is publishing its UI kit to help its partners build better Slack apps. Lambda School is publishing free design learning templates for students to adapt and play with. Dropbox is sharing culture kits for design managers to use at their own companies. Zach Grosser, a designer who runs his own presentation design business and formerly led communication design at Square, is publishing a few of his most popular slide templates to generate leads. Artist and designer David Kulakevich recreated a painting in Figma a few months ago and is will open up the file in Figma Community so every can see how it was made. The Square Crypto team is even researching methods for designing Bitcoin, and is working with Figma’s new platform to explore ways to do that.

The boom in open, free illustration kits is certainly heating up. At Product Hunt, we’ve seen over a dozen collections and tools in the space launch over the last year. You can browse them all here. 👈

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