Mix & match robots with a Sketch library

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#2 Product of the DayApril 11, 2018

Mix & Match Robots with a Sketch library

Create robot illustrations in Sketch App with this free library. Combine frames, antennas, sensors, accessories, and colors. 🤖

Free for commercial and personal use.

  • Neil Sardesai
    Neil SardesaiiOS Developer

    They’re free, cute, vector robots


    None, unless you don’t like robots

    Great work! These are well-made and fun to mix and match.

    Neil Sardesai has used this product for one day.
  • Max Gozal
    Max GozalLover of cool things.

    Great stuff!


    Not any I can think of.

    Thanks for sharing this :)

    Max Gozal has used this product for one day.
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Win@thewinger · Interaction Designer
Man! You are the boss!
Pablo Stanley
Pablo StanleyMaker@pablostanley · Designer
@thewinger You're too kind, Win. Thank you :)
Kuldeep Sharma
Kuldeep Sharma@thisiskuldeep · UI UX Designer
Pablo Stanley taking the sketch symbols & libraries game one step ahead. Love it!
Pablo Stanley
Pablo StanleyMaker@pablostanley · Designer
@thisiskuldeep Gotta turn EVERYTHING into a library!!! haha. Thank you for the support, Kuldeep. Really cool of you :)
Darshan Gajara
Darshan Gajara@weirdowizard · Product Designer
I guess, Sketch should just make you their brand ambassador. You create so much amazing stuff with this tool.
Pablo Stanley
Pablo StanleyMaker@pablostanley · Designer
@weirdowizard Pinging Sketch. Pinging Sketch! Lol. Thank you, Darshan. Let me know what you think of the library!
Jad Limcaco
Jad Limcaco@jadlimcaco · Product Designer
Nice work Pablo! Your work continues to inspire.
Pablo Stanley
Pablo StanleyMaker@pablostanley · Designer
@jadlimcaco That's super cool of you, Jad. Thank you for your support.
Matt Gardner
Matt Gardner@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
This is super cool! Idea for the hack inclined here: Node module that lets us programatically generate random looking bots from a hash. Would solve my problem of creating unique default user images for our SaaS product ;) Have always meant to do this with user avatars but bots would be cooler and less potentially offensive!