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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦ Me and my friends have been working hard on Code News to make it super easy for our collegues coders to stay up-to-date with their favorites coding languages ✨
πŸ₯³ Launched version 1.0 on App Store
πŸŽ‰ Made alot of changes based on received feedback
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Congrats on amazing growth. How are you collecting all the news?
@keyul Thank you! We get the news from different tech rss feeds.
@rares I want to suggest publications that you can add to code news. How can I send you rss feeds of them?
@keyul You can send your RSS feeds to Btw, soon we will add the possibility to add RSS feeds directly from the app. Thanks again for your support! :D
Interesting app ! I have just one suggestion. Limit the ability to "bolt" an article to one "bolt" per user. I noticed that we can "bolt" an article as much as we want. So if I want to put some article in the top of "bolted article" I can. And it's not representative of app users recommandation.
@mrmaverick Thanks for your suggestion, we are happy to see that you like the app. Our current idea regarding the bolt action is to limit it, more exactly, every user will have X available bolts/day. So, it will be your decision to bolt one news with x bolts or x news with one bolt, but this is still in the idea phase. We really want to make something different with that bolt action :D.
Hi PH πŸ‘‹ Code News co-founder here. This is our second iteration of our side-project and life's work called Code News. πŸ“– Story We started our journey in May 2019 when we gather to work on our little side project in order to make something of value for us and our collegues coders. πŸ“ˆ Growth We launched at first on Google Play and we are growing constantly day by day, which motivated us to create feature after feature and launch an iOS version also: πŸš€ Now We've launched a different number of features based on the recieved feedback: πŸ“± iOS App version 1.0 βœ… Integrated a lot more news sources πŸ”” Get notified when news related to your interests are fetched ⚑️ Bolt your favorite news to reach the top list for others to read 🌟 Rebrand Thank you again for this community. We would love to head your thoughts! Happy coding πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Hi, good idea. Please check the filter function on ios. It’s not working properly.
@ben_roe Hey Benjamin, thanks for testing the app. From our tests the filtering is working, could you please provide us an example of what have you done? Currently the filtering is not being saved after you close the app. But this feature will be in the next update.
Hey! Congrats on your growth. Downloaded the app for iOS and am really liking it. I would really like to have similar experience on the web. Are there any plans for a web app of Code News?
@kash__x Hello, we are very happy to see that you enjoy using our app. We had a couple of requests to make a PWA website, but, for the moment, we want to focus only on the android and iOS apps. We want to provide the best quality programming related news. Anyway, we thought about it and for sure it will be a future extension :smile:.