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September 23rd, 2019

A ~tonic~ for the internet

“It's easy to be frustrated by the state of the internet and sense of powerlessness over our time/attention/data out here in 2k19” - Tonic Maker Matthew Ogle

Matthew has a point...and a solution. Last week, Tonic launched to serve up personalized, nontoxic reads every day. It’s anti breaking news or hot takes, and just a cool place to discover interesting stuff on the internet. 🙌

Tonic is the first product to launch out of its parent company, Canopy. Canopy is working on a series of digital experiences built around private personalization architecture, meaning they want to promote the power of discovery while keeping your data secure.

The idea behind Tonic is to ultimately cut down on the noise and clickbait that currently dominates most reading experiences on the internet. It’ll help you discover five “delightful” things to read each day, focusing specifically on articles and publications that are lesser known in the existing online ecosystem. 👀

“It looks simple, but Tonic is completely novel under the hood and in how it talks to the server; I like to think of it as a modest ambassador from a different, kinder future.” - Matthew

Would you use Tonic for internet reading? Tell us here.

A few other lesser known curation apps to check out:

🗞Stoop is like a podcast app, but for newsletters

☀️Not Depressing News is...what it sounds like

👀Draft is like if Hacker News and Medium had a child

Check out Tonic
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