Not Depressing News

News that isn't depressing - yay!

#3 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2018

Not Depressing News is a quick little project that gives you a daily dose of news that isn't depressing - enjoy!

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Something that world lacks
@igityan_hayarpy true - we all need it
Thanks for this!
@aslamabbas You’re welcome!
@armatav I love this.. Where do you source this from and how do you filter them?
@amrith right now it’s all the happy posts on reddit - I’m currently working on a sentiment analysis solution that will pull articles from literally everywhere and clear them as happy. The problem is that I can’t find a “good” API or library for JS.
@amrith @armatav Why not using google news w a filter for sensationalist words? There is a lot of sources on the internet that you can use to select this kind of words. For eg. this blog about persuasion: https://www.thepersuasionrevolut... Also, Tensorflow is a good starting point to train a text classifier AI: You could combine your sources and build a dataset. (Sensationalist Words) So all the news that doesn't classify as 'Positive' are automatically skipped.
@amrith @idgm5 That's a really good idea - let me see what I can do! Getting rid of articles with sensationalist words would be a great start.
@amrith @armatav I would love to see a twitter account reposting this positive news. 😄
@amrith @idgm5 same here - as soon as the algorithm is setup! 😊
"The news that isn't depressing" - sound as the doctor prescribed for me.
@babken_karapetyan That's my prescription!
Amazing! Signed up to Detoxify while I was at it! :D
@hudsonkent hey, thanks dude! Means a lot to me!