Button Shortcuts

Learn keyboard shortcuts in seconds

Button Shortcuts is a desktop app that makes it easy to learn keyboard shortcuts for your current program. Just double-tap ⌘.
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I tried to try the app, it solves a big pain point for me and it's an amazing design, but the subscription payment model is just too much, without even being able to try premium features. EDIT: It's also really add to find settings/in-app purchases. EDIT2: also, how do I go back from settings?
@ggsimm I was excited to use this to improve my productivity, but apparently you need to have a premium subscription in order to execute the commands you found. $7.99/month is too much for me.
EDIT: @ggsimm @muurtegel We updated pricing to $15/year. Thanks for the feedback ---------------------------------- @ggsimm How about we add a free trial period? You can use command+, to toggle settings. There’s also an ellipses above the top right corner to toggle it with the mouse. I’ll update it to be more visible :)
@ggsimm @muurtegel You might feel differently after trying it out. The execute feature is like a productivity wormhole, but without the dangers of folded spacetime. How would you feel about a trial?
@ggsimm @muurtegel Hey guys, we just added the free trial into the app. If you'd like to check it out, go ahead and purchase the Power UI - it will tell you at the end that there's a one week free trial. It automatically renews after that, so be sure to manage it if you don't wanna continue after the trial is up.
Sounds great. Won't try it as a subscription though. Needs to be a one-off charge IMHO.
@colin_smith_ezchile_ Button gets upgrades at least once a month (e.g. making everything searchable, executing shortcuts, managing shortcuts you know). Maybe one day it’ll make cheeseburgers appear at your desk. Would any particular improvements justify a subscription for you?
@_austinryder Lovely app. A bit of thought on the pricing. You app is one of those super useful products that by its very nature, despite its super usefulness, becomes less useful over time as users learn the shortcuts. The monthly subscription model may not be the best one for it as users LTV are likely quite short. I'd suggest looking at some sort of annual subscription model -- say at around $10-20/year and a slightly higher price for a single purchase -- perhaps at around $40 with 2 years of updates. Good luck!
EDIT: @geetfun We stole your idea and updated pricing to $15/year. Thanks :) ------------------------------ @geetfun Great idea, we just might steal it :) We'll also work on making Button useful in perpetuity. Like a twinkie, so long as you don't eat it.
@colin_smith_ezchile_ @geetfun We just introduced a free trial for the Power UI (PUI) if you'd like to play around with it. When you purchase the PUI you'll get a message at the end that tells you it's a one-week free trial that will automatically renew after the week period is over. Hopefully it's enough time to see the value of the features, but if not you can cancel at any time.
Hey Product Hunt Friends, Brian's comment contains the juice on Button Shortcuts. This is our promise to do everything it takes to help you unleash your inner performance. We're hardcore listeners and doers, so what you comment today will greatly impact the future of Button. Really. The app used to be as helpful as Doodlebob, and it was user feedback that brought Button to where it is today. We hope you love it. But tell us what you hate about it. That's more fun.
This already exists as a service, it's called Pretzel and it has over 1k upvotes on PH. Can you kindly explain how your product is different?
@michael_mcdonald1 Button's actually been around since before Pretzel. Cheatsheet is the real dinosaur though. Button is focused on you, so we currently have features like favorites and knowns so you can choose what to see first and what you don't want to see. Our content library is also huge with about 150 programs, so it's more likely we'll have the information you're looking for. We're gungho about productivity, so you can expect Button to only get more personal in the near future :)
wait... $8 a MONTH? I figured it was $7.99 to unlock the whole thing as a one-time payment. That's a preposterous amount for this functionality. I would gladly pay $8 to unlock the features, or hell even $15/year. You're essentially charging people $100/year. For that, I get 2TB of dropbox, or Amazon Prime, or a year of Netflix. I don't mean to go on a rant, I'm sure you guys are nice, and you built a gorgeous application, so good job on that. Just please rethink your business model. People are drowning in monthly subscription models nowadays.
@jucaslames No worries about the “rant.” Like we said, telling us what you don’t like helps us improve faster, so thanks! To your point, we’re constantly rethinking things and already based on feedback will introduce a free trial (there’s a $2.99/mo option too in case you didn’t see it). Hopefully it makes the value of the features more clear. We’ve also got some things cooking in the pipeline that will be added to the tiers soon to make them even juicer.
@jucaslames We actually just implemented the free trial right now. There's no messaging in the app yet, but if you go ahead and purchase the Power UI you will get a one week free trial. It will automatically renew afterwards though, so you can cancel it before then if you don't want to continue using the Power UI.
@jucaslames Price is now $15/year 😃