Like a podcast app, but for newsletters 💌

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Stoop helps you discover, subscribe, and consume great content all in one place. Get those newsletters out of your inbox and onto your Stoop.

  • David Adamu
    David AdamuMaker. Product Designer @Andela

    Easily aggregates newsletters & recommends new ones. I love how easy it is to subscribe to new ones! The autofill email feature 👌🏾


    Onboarding could be better.

    Stoop is exactly what I've been waiting for. This is the (my) future of news briefings.

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  • Jovian Gautama
    Jovian GautamaPartnerships & Marketing @ Codementor

    Amazing app. A product that make you think "Of course! Why didn't anyone think of this earlier?". Props to the team!


    Newsletter's original "Subscribe" banner still pop-up even if you already subscribed via Stoop.

    Any plans to launch a web version? Because that would be killer.

    Jovian Gautama has used this product for one day.
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Aaron  O'Leary
Aaron O'LearyHunter@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Chef.
Stoop is an app I have wanted for a long time, I'm subscribed to so many email newsletters, all bar a handful get lost in my inbox, Stoop will hopefully change all this and I can read more!
Tim Raybould
Tim RaybouldMaker@timraybould · CEO, Stoop
Thanks @aaronoleary! Tim here from Stoop. So glad you like the app. We built Stoop because we love newsletters but didn't want them mixed in with our email. And we love newsletters because we truly believe that content delivered directly from publisher to its audience is better for all of us. Content surfaced by a newsfeed algorithm is picked because it'll keep us scrolling, not because it's actually good. When a publisher isn't relying on that algorithm to distribute content, and instead they're sending it directly to their audience, there's no need to sprinkle on that sensationalism sugar that the newsfeed wants. We're really excited to be on Product Hunt today sharing Stoop with you all! I'm happy to answer any questions.
Zach Johnston
Zach Johnston@johnzach02 · Design Systems @ Dropbox
Downloaded this yesterday and have been loving the app so far. Has a lot of potential to remove distractions from my inbox and make me excited to sign up for newsletters again. A huge plus is knowing that I can quickly unsubscribe from anything without going through a mail app > browser > back to mail app workflow. A small design nit: the pressed state on cards is a bit distracting. Maybe make them more subtle or ignore taps if I’m scrolling.
Tim Raybould
Tim RaybouldMaker@timraybould · CEO, Stoop
@johnzach02 Cool. You talking the cards for fresh newsletter issues, or the ones in the discover tab? If the latter, I agree! We toned that down actually for 1.0.8 which is now available on Android and currently in review with Apple.
Zach Johnston
Zach Johnston@johnzach02 · Design Systems @ Dropbox
Yeah, the cards in the discover tab. Just a lot of visual noise when you tap on things. Other than that, love the aesthetic.
Mike Mignano
Mike Mignano@mignano · co-founder, @anchor
One of the freshest product ideas I have seen in a long time. Congrats Tim and Stoop team.
Justin Goldman
Justin Goldman@jgynot · CEO of RenoFi
FINALLY!!!! I've been waiting for someone to build a product like this!