Product Hunt Weekly Digest
September 22nd, 2019

Bye bye, Uber Eats 👋

Last month we wrote about Gin Lane, the branding agency behind startups like Hims, Everlane, Warby Parker, Recess, Harry’s, SmileDirectClub and Quip, and their big pivot away from their clients. The company announced it was rebranding itself to Pattern, a new holding company for up to five different lifestyle brands.

The first said lifestyle brand launched last week and it’s around — *drumroll* — cookware. The new brand is called “Equal Parts” and it’s essentially a mix (or equal parts, heh) of cooking tools and on-demand guidance. Their demographic is millennials, who apparently cook less than any other living generation. 🥘

The Pattern team's inspiration came from their own burnout; they found solace in cooking against “the stream of emails and notifications following us home each day.”

The brand launched with five kits of cookware (which start at $249 and max out at $575 for the “complete kitchen“), which comes with eight weeks of a text-based personal cooking coach. The idea is congruent with Pattern’s ”Direct With Consumer“ ethos, which brings guidance to new customer experiences. With this mind, we could imagine future Pattern launches of, say, bedding supplies alongside a sleep app or exercise guides to complement workout gear.

The news comes just a day after another kitchenware brand launch on Product Hunt from Our Place. Our Place’s mission is to make products inspired by traditions, and they’re starting with dinner. The result is a collection of sleek and minimalist pans, plates and glasses “designed for rising rents and shrinking cabinet space.” 💯

“I didn't think I could feel this way about a pan.” - Sam

In fact, we’ve seen a bunch of cooking launches within the past 30 days. A few to check out:

🍳Becooked lets you make recipe cards

🍳Ckbk is like Spotify but for cookbooks

🍳Feast is home cooking delivered straight to your door

🍳CookUp helps you save and cook recipes you find online

Check out Equal Parts
The latest in "no code" launched on Product Hunt today, currently #1 most upvoted: UI Bakery
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