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#1 Product of the WeekAugust 27, 2019
Save recipes you find online, tag them for organization, make shopping lists to send to Instacart, and then cook using our interactive instruction list! What delicious food will you cook up tonight?
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Hey there hunters! 👋 I was inspired to make CookUp when my wife and I wanted to eat healthier and spend less on takeout - we started trying to meal prep but would frequently find ourselves exasperated. There are lots of recipe apps, or even meal-prep apps and websites - but they are generally walled gardens, we had to choose from their plans or their recipe collection. There is a seemingly endless number of websites and blog posts that have some great recipes - but they are inundated with ads, are inconvenient to save / process, and easy to lose in the search for the next week's meals. We'd frequently find ourselves just making the simplest possible thing we could think of, eating it all week, hating meal prep - and then back to takeout & ordering for us. I've been a software dev for over 10 years so I figured I'd take a crack at the problem, I made a simple mobile app where I could: 💾easily save & store recipes we found online 🔍search & tag those recipes ✅ build grocery lists 🛒send the grocery list to Instacart for delivery I'm really excited to get feedback from the Product Hunt community, and I hope some of you may find this app helpful in your personal lives!
@gregkop why would you region lock an app that lets users save recipes from the web? I mean, what's the point?? :)
@anna_0x you're absolutely right! going to release to more regions today
@gregkop glad to hear that! ^v^
Excited to try this out. I cook at home a lot, and I'm always bookmarking recipes I find online in Pocket or Evernote. Would be much simpler to have one app to bookmark ingredients for recipes — and pull that out at the grocery. Does it just work on mobile right now?
Thanks @tyler_nass ! Let me know how it works for you and any way I can make it fit your needs better
Love it! I have been looking for a good android app to handle recipes. Have you thought about pulling recipe videos into the app?
Could also be cool if you added some sort of "nutrition" score to new recipes added to the app...
@jpamorgan giving away my whole roadmap here... 😂