It's like Spotify but for cookbooks

ckbk is the ultimate digital subscription service for cooks. To build ckbk, first we brought together recommendations from hundreds of world-class chefs and food writers to create a ranking of the most essential cookbooks of all time.
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Matt Cockerill
Food and tech geek
Thanks @aaronoleary - so many of our users and Kickstarter backers tell us that a service like ckbk is long overdue! We're bringing on board new publishers and high-profile authors all the time, so ckbk is an ever-expanding virtual cookbook library. We recently rolled our a feature so you can build your own collections on favorite topics drawn from different cookbooks - "recipe playlists", if you like. We're also excited by all the ways we can now make these cookbook recipes "smart". Today's announcement of our partnership with oven manufacturer NEFF in the UK (integrating with their Home Connect platform) is just the beginning.
Jonathan HirshonPrincipal, Horizon Communications
I’ve been a happy user since the Kickstarter - so much so that I am now working with them on the PR front. Running my own food blog at, I must say the service has really helped up my game. :)
Graham Combei love working with innovative companies
I'm loving this product - well done CKBK team.
A must have for foodies
Aaron O'Leary
Community @producthunt. Chef.
This is fantastic! Immediately taking out a subscription for this. Cookbooks are expensive and it's tiring constantly looking up recipes especially when you first begin to cook. Congrats @matthew_cockerill
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