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September 2nd, 2019

An app for time traveling

Yesterday, a tool launched on Product Hunt that makes it possible to go back in time. Sort of. 👀

Backtrack is for all those conversations or moments you wish you captured, but didn’t hit the record button. The app works by recording the last 60 minutes of audio your Mac hears over and over throughout the day. It keeps deleting the running recording until you hit save on the last 60 minutes. 🗣

Maker Justin Mitchell shared Backtrack’s origin story, beginning on a flight home from San Francisco after a brutal VC meeting.

“We walked out of the office and all we could think was ‘Damn, wish we'd recorded that.' Thus, the idea for Backtrack was born.” - Justin

Beyond important meetings, Justin imagines Backtrack being useful in everyday life, like when you’re brainstorming or white boarding at work. Of course, recording everything can become an iffy habit, since two party consent laws are often at play. Justin says "don’t do it" when it comes to recording someone without their permission. You could also just ask them.

What some other folks want to use Backtrack for:

As a remote PM for a distributed team, and a remote founder with a small team, I have to take a lot of calls everyday, and while I don't record most of them, I really wanted the ability to just go back and listen to something, if need be.” - Anmol

“Love this because now I can take notes AND have a live recording of my mentorship meetings all from one device.” - Emilio

“This is genius. One of those simple and well-executed ideas you didn’t realize you needed until you see it. I love how it stays out of your way most of the time but it’s there when you need it. Although it does kind of reminds me of a Black Mirror episode...” - Phil

Would you use this? Tell us.

If you’re not ready to record all your conversations, here are some other recording options.

🎙 Otter is a sleek voice note recorder

🎙 Awesome Voice Notes records and automatically transcribes your notes

🎙 MikMe Pocket is a failsafe audio recorder for videos

🎙 Kristalic automatically generates notes from your recordings

🎙 REKK lets you record and transcribe calls quickly

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