Mikme Pocket

A smarter way to record audio for your video

Mikme Pocket is a failsafe wireless audio recorder with a clip-on mic. It's made for video content creators, journalists & filmmakers.
Simple – No receiver.
Failsafe – Saves local copy on device.
Reduces post-production – Audio & video is synced on phones
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This looks incredible! Would anyone know of any real competition out there for the Mikme Pocket? I can't seem to think of much 🤔
@alexanderspoor @akabalabanov With audio recorders like Zoom and Tascam you record audio locally on the recorder and then sync it manually afterwards with your video from your camera or smartphone. That is not ideal because of the slow manual audio/video sync process. If you use a conventional wireless microphone you are more flexible, but you always need a transmitter and receiver connected to your smartphone or camera which is not a mobile setup. During the wireless transmission audio dropouts can occur, which means you might lose your audio, if you have bad wireless reception. With Mikme Pocket, you get the best of both worlds: It's a local wireless audio recorder, that always stores a local copy of the audio recording on the device itself (16GB of storage), making it failsafe. Plus, you can monitor and control the audio from your smartphone with our app. If you shoot the video with your smartphone the Mikme App will automatically sync the audio from the Mikme Pocket with the video from the smartphone. :-)
@akabalabanov @nicciatmikme Cheers folks! Definitely seems like the Mikme caters to a specific target audience, I like it :)