Remember, search, and share your voice conversations

Otter is a new app that lets you record, transcribe, search and share your voice conversations with your teams. Natively integrated with Zoom.

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Looks pretty neat. Given the amount of private/confidential information that many use cases would entail though, it's crucial to have much more clarity about how customer data is used, stored, retained, etc. The Privacy Policy barely scratches the surface of this.
ZD Net mentions Otter AI as "Arguably one of the most important breakthroughs announced at Mobile World Congress 2018" - a must try
Love this space and very interested to explore early stage opportunities in voice/audio as an investor. I'm curious what use cases are emerging for Otter, @goopt?
@rrhoover Thank you for your interest! We see lots of very broad use cases exist in people's lives. On the high level, almost everybody needs to talk and listen a lot to communicate verbally every day, whether professionally at work or personally. Very specifically, we have seen people use Otter in professional meetings, telephone conferences, online video conferences, classroom lectures, study groups, interviews... the list goes on and on.... We democratize the speech recognition and NLP technologies, and make it easily accessible on a smartphone, so that people can capture they heard anytime anywhere. Otter is differentiated from other voice products, such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Those are variations of chat-bots, where a robot handles the questions from a human being. In contrast, Otter provides services for human-to-human conversations. People just talk naturally with each other, no need to say any special hot-words like "Siri" or "Allexa", Otter just listens passively and helps people take notes and remember important info.
Just gotta say I tried this with a 128kbit/s audio file of a client session I had today, and it's just such a beautiful webapp. It's so blazing fast and clean and easy. The only issue I had is editing the notes. I hit the pencil, and the edit window opens but the text is un-selectable. I hope beta members get grandfathered in for a free account! I'll def preach the good word.
Excellent product! Love how fast and accurate it is!