Backtrack lets you record all those conversations, you forgot to click the record button for, by over-writing a 60 minute window of audio over and over throughout the day, locally on your Mac
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We started building Backtrack on a flight home from San Francisco after a brutal VC meeting. We walked out of the office and all we could think was "Damn, wish we'd recorded that.". Thus, the idea for Backtrack was born. What if you could record conversations you forgot to hit the record button for? This happens a lot around the office when we are brainstorming ideas or whiteboarding. We went from idea to working app in 2 weeks, and we use Backtrack internally all the time now. 1. It's 100% private and local to your Mac. We don't even have analytics in the app. That's how private it is. 2. It works by always recording the last 60 minutes of audio your Mac hears. If you never tell it to save, it'll just keep deleting that running recording. 3. We borrowed a page from Gestimer with a cool pull down yo-yo style interface. Pull down to the time you need to backtrack to, and the app will let you name and save a file of the last x minutes of audio. 4. Yes we know about 2 party consent laws around recording. This app is for teams that already record a lot of calls or meetings. If you're going to use it for recording someone without their permission...don't do it. We hope you all find some utility in this. It's great for capturing those moments around the office that happen naturally, without the pressure of a mic in front of you. We also use it to catch each other up on calls that one of us maybe missed. Backtrack is an extension of our other audio product, If you dig using voice as a way to communicate with your team, check that out too.
@jmitch this is cool, how did you guys think about prioritizing this against improving YAC?
@mike_seekwell Well it started as a feature for Yac. We didn't want to muddy the codebase or distract the team by integrating it without validating it first. So as we get feedback on this, we'll see how it fits into the larger ecosystem of our products.
@jmitch Really a great idea. I don't see a reason why this shouldn't be on anyone's Mac right now :) Very well implemented, and thanks for giving it away for free, to you and your team. I also appreciate your honesty. I just installed it, and was wondering whether it also records when the Mac is asleep/closed? Thanks in advance
@owenfar1 Ha well actually it DID, but we removed it because it was preventing your Macbook from sleeping properly which drained the battery. So no, it only records when it's awake.
@jmitch aa makes sense then. It would be cool to have it as an option, if I'm plugged with the charger, I wouldn't mind that it records when asleep too. Sometimes moments we want to record are when we least expect them.
Super excited about this product @jmitch @hmcknly @jordvnlwalker As a remote PM for a distributed team, and a remote founder with a small team, I have to take a lot of calls everyday, and while I don't record most of them, I really wanted the ability to just go back and listen to something, if need be. Backtrack makes it possible, and I couldn't be more satisfied knowing the audio recordings don't reach any server.
@jmitch @jordvnlwalker @parasharanmol Thanks, Anmol! You’re exactly right. It’s so easy to forget to record and in the 1 week since we started testing BT, I’ve saved 3 brainstorming sessions. May not seem like a big deal to most people but that meant that I could send to Justin or Jordan and loop them into the conversation and be included. Hope you find similar experiences with your team as you grow Castup!
Great idea! Is it any chance adding a feature where recordings only take place during work day (9to5)? A tick box or setting customized time for it? @jmitch
@gaurav_monga that makes total sense. I think that’s a super easy add.
Please add support for Windows and Android
@erez_kalman1 ha well we’ve been getting a lot of requests for both so we shall see how the next few weeks pan out!
Love this because now I can take notes AND have a live recording of my mentorship meetings all from one device. Incase I miss anything with my notes I can always backtrack a whole hour and literally replay my entire meeting. Also, I can use it to win arguments and replay what exactly the other person said. (backtrack hack #1) You heard it here first. I LOVE BACKTRACK