Awesome Voice Notes

Voice recordings with automatic transcription on mobile

Awesome Voice Notes is a small app that allows you to record your voice memos with a simple & cool interface.

It can transcribe your recordings automatically in a number of languages.

All the notes are searchable by Siri. Ain't that cool?

Use the Today Widget to launch a new recording from the lock screen.

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Nicely done ! thumbs up
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I really needed a quick and beautiful app to record my voice notes and also search them. So I've built one. What do you guys think?
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@alexbuga Yes, amazing! Yesterday was thinking about writing a new post on medium, but sometimes I just want to record audio note, that will be auto converted to the text. That I will able to edit and maybe even check spelling with Grammarly or fluent express. This is the missing thing for me, please add it 🙏
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@faridsabitov Thanks. Glad you like it. I'm using Apple's speech recognition, and as far as I've read it only transcribes 1 minute. But I'm working on a workaround. Split the recording and transcribe slices of it
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@alexbuga like the idea. Any plan to launch on Android?
If you introduce this @alexbuga please keep us all posted being able to auto transcribe longer audio notes and then share the transcript would be really interesting!
I love the idea - can you send the notes to evernote, google drive, dropbox etc?
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@kobestarr At the moment when you hit SHARE it shares the audio file and caption via the iOS share sheet. So any app that supports those is eligible. I'm working on more integrations.
Similar to Otter. @alexbuga, what tech are you using to transcribe audio?
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@rrhoover Thanks man. Didn't knew about Otter. Looks nice, but much more "complicated" than what I've envisioned for my app. I wanted something simple which can be triggered from a widget while driving. So you record something, transcribe it and search it. I'm using Apple's speech recognition.
@rrhoover very different pricing model too: one is a pricey recurring subscription, this one is $2.
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very good idea
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