A personal electronic memory bank for your conversations.

KRISTALIC is building voice-based memory augmentation. They use ML to extract everything you need to know from your in-person conversations, automatically generating notes and to-do lists for every attendee.
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Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @nickabouzeid from PH for helping us out! We started Kristalic to build voice-based memory augmentation that will make you seem superhuman in any conversation. We use machine learning to extract essential information from your in-person conversations and make it rapidly accessible. After months of hard work, we’re proud to announce our iOS and Android apps that will help you take automatic notes. For every conversation, you get the entire searchable transcript along with a summary, the identified action items, and the key takeaways. A couple of pro tips: - Get a reminder to start automatic note-taking before a meeting by allowing calendar integration. - Meeting attendees are also automatically synced from your calendar for easy follow-up emails. - Some of the information extraction is based on key phrases. Try saying “that’s important”, “I’ll make a note of that”, or “that’s really cool!”. - Your corrections in the app help to train the machine learning models for your profile. Thank you for the amazing support thus far! We’d love to get some feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions.
I wonder how well this will work in a classroom/lecture environment.
Hey @akshat_kumar2, thanks for the question. Although it's not the target use case, we have a few students who use it for taking notes in lectures. We've found that lectures are quite an easy environment because there's a single dominant speaker.
Are you capturing and storing the recordings of company meetings in your cloud?