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June 11th, 2024


Hi, hi, hi! Welcome to Tuesday. Today's main headline is WWDC 2024, which I cover below in the product highlight. But first…

Some other headlines: 

🍎 Elon Musk has threatened to ban Apple devices from his companies after WWDC. 

📸 Canon is making a special lens for Apple’s Vision Pro spatial video features. 

🤖 OpenAI has hired the former Nextdoor boss, its first-ever CFO.

Here are the highlights from Apple’s WWDC 2024 event

It’s that time of year again when Apple announces new software goodies — I’m talking about WWDC. The 2024 event started with Craig Federighi leading an Apple team as they jumped out of a plane. It was low-key giving James Bond at the Olympics vibes, but I’m here for it. 

A lot was announced in the 90-minute pre-recorded event, from the latest iPhone software to Apple finally announcing its AI plans. Here’s a quick round-up: 

Apple Intelligence:Apple Intelligence” is Apple’s moniker for its suite of interconnected AI features. It can generate pieces of text for you, summarize emails, and write replies, and you can even generate custom emojis now. Alongside that, Siri got a new AI-powered look with more in-app functionality and ChatGPT integration. 

iOS18: It wouldn’t be WWDC without a big iOS update. The newest iPhone software includes customization options like icon themes (sorry, designers) and the ability to place icons wherever you want. iMessage now has formatting options and new emoji reactions. It supports RCS (Rich Communication Services), a messaging protocol built for Android that lets users send more multimedia-rich texts, and you can text via satellite. The Photos app will have AI-assisted filtering and organization, catching it up to Google Photos.

MacOS Sequoia: Apple continued its tradition of naming MacOS after landmarks in the US, this time after Sequoia National Park (I still miss the big cats). New to Mac is a much better iPhone mirroring feature that lets you use your phone on your Mac more seamlessly. It’s great for demos and developing mobile apps. Mac also gets window tiling, a native tool for organizing your app windows, something makers have been solving for years with tools like Magnet and Cinch.

Alongside those announcements, Apple also announced iPadOS 18, which finally got a calculator app that includes an AI-powered Apple Pencil mode, WatchOS 11, and Vision OS 2, which comes with new spatial video enhancements. The Apple Vision Pro is also being released in more countries.

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