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July 28th, 2019

Last week's viral website

Everything old is new again, they say. We’re certainly seeing that sentiment echoed in the tech industry, with more and more ~retro~ tech products launching.

On Friday, it was Poolside FM, a summer-y music website inspired by the ‘90s. When you land on the site’s landing page, you’re prompted ’Press Space to Enter the Pool’ and the virtual vacation of upbeat bops. The collection of songs (about 250 tracks) is pulled from SoundCloud, and listeners can watch short video clips of summer in the ‘80s.

“There's a lot of stuff to be sad about in the world at the moment, so we've created a virtual getaway – an healthy dose of serotonin straight to the brain,” Poolside FM Maker Marty Bell wrote on Product Hunt.

And the community loved it.

“This should be used as a case study for every web developer! From the responsiveness to the design to the easter eggs, Poolside FM is a masterpiece.” - Josh

“4 hours later, still playing 😎” - Julie

A sampling of some other inventive retro products if you want to go back in time (especially to the ‘80s):

👀 Retro App Store is the App Store, but in the ‘80s

👂 Retro AirPods are AirPods, if they were invented in the ‘80s

🎮 Playdate is a simple black and white gaming system (with a crank)

👾 Neon Drive is an ‘80s-style arcade game set in the future

🙌 Retro Patents are bespoke prints of keystone inventions

😍 The Internet Arcade houses over 900 classic arcade games

📱 WANLE iPhone Case turns your phone into a Gameboy console

And if you want to go back to today in Product Hunt history, you can always time travel here.

Go to the pool 🎧

The TLDR: This will TLDR the internet for you. It's a web app (+ chrome extension) that can take any long piece of text and sum it up into five bullet points. 💥

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