Retro Airpods

What's old is new again

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Retro Airpods are Coloware's take on reskinning Airpods with a rainbow colored button and faux vents to have you reminiscing back to the 80s.

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Alexander Ma
Alexander MaPro@xanderma · TTYL ✌🏻🎧
Amesome. Love the retro splash 👏🏼
Scott Bowler
Scott BowlerPro@scotty_bowler · Co-founder
Perhaps it's because I'm not an iPhone owner, but I don't understand what these are? Is it a case to put your air pods in? Do the square things dangle from your ears? And why are they $400?
Matt Castillo
Matt Castillo@interactivematt · Product Designer
@scotty_bowler This looks like a pair of fully-functioning Apple AirPods, but Colorware customizes them with a high-end permanent skin. The included case keeps them safe, but also serves as a charger with 24 hrs of battery life. AirPods are $159 MSRP, so yeah, $400 is a lot to have them professionally stickered, despite how cool they look.
Jonas Karl
Jonas Karl@jonas_k · -
I Love it! :D
Bram Taylor
Bram Taylor@bram_taylor · Marketing Major at University of Ottawa
Love this look!