The Internet Arcade is a playable archive of 900+ retro arcade games for your delight and nostalgia 🕹️

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there goes my sunday...
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@jtriest yeah, this is pretty dangerous... :)
@jtriest You know it's part of our VC job to play that kind of games. We have to understand the success of the past to predict the future ;-)
@raj_ventures oh man... found lode runner - - monday is a sick day now.
@jtriest haha 'and so it shall be..' Lode runner, lemmings, such simple and great games. I remember the ti-83 plus versions.
This is great, like reliving my childhood. Out Run, Defender, Jungle Hunt, some good ones
can someone please help with a control legend?
@jtriest from the faq: I’m not sure which keys to use! We are continually updating instructions with accurate information about which keys activate which selections on a given platform and for a specific program. In general, the arrow keys, and control keys tend to work best, and the number keys sometimes trigger off other options. A team of volunteers has been working on documentation and linking and will continue to.
That site design is 'classic' as well.
tasty, tasty nostalgia.
@MikeKhristo and if you just want to listen to nostalgic, 8-bit music, turn on Sndtst.