WANLE iPhone Case

A Gameboy console as your iPhone case

WANLE iPhone Case is Gameboy on the back of your iPhone.

Victor Mustar
Ross Currie
Dario AppSapp
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  • Brett Gardner
    Brett GardnerFounder, Rival.ly

    its a gameboy


    battery life, non-rechargable, no pokemon, limited games

    it's all about the pokemon

    Brett Gardner has never used this product.
From the description "Just like the real thing - Installed with 10 classic games like Tetris, Tank, Formula One Racing, Snake & Block, and etc." I also found it on aliexpress.
If I can't play the OG pokemon games.. what is the point
Ha! This is fun, but what games does it come with? The site's description is unclear.
@rrhoover Appears to only play Tetris. Looks like it's just a custom packaged good from Alibaba - same stock images and everything. You can order it on AliExpress for $12 including free shipping.
@rrhoover @rossdcurrie Well I'll be damned
@rrhoover @rossdcurrie A month from now, we're going to see youtube ads featuring "How I made $100k in a week with this one simple product"
@rrhoover @rossdcurrie This is exactly what the most recent Reply All episode was about: https://www.gimletmedia.com/repl...
Really good dropshipping 👍
and what is new in it games?