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June 6th, 2024
Automate your code
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Happy Thursday! Deciding what amazing product to write about is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Today, I’m talking about an AI tool that will automatically maintain and update your code so you can focus on shipping. But first...

The headlines: 

🔋 Humane has warned users to stop using its charging device over a flaw, 

💰 Nvidia has surpassed Apple as the second most valuable company. 

📓 Google is rolling out its AI assistant, NotebookL, to over 200 countries.

Second handles codebase maintenance so you can focus on shipping

Want to scare a developer? Dust off some legacy code without comments and ask them to update and maintain it. I joke, don’t do that. Any good developer will tell you you can’t just ship and forget it. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure your codebase works as it’s meant to, especially when it comes to something like upgrading syntax and migrating frameworks.

Second is an AI companion designed to automate the process of maintaining codebases so engineers can focus on innovating. It was founded by Eric Rowell, co-founder and former CTO of Uiflow, a no-code tool that lets developers quickly create custom web applications. Eric has been around the block; this is his second time putting a company through YC.

So, how does it work? It’s pretty straightforward. As mentioned, Second automates codebase maintenance, including codebase migrations and upgrades. All you have to do is connect it to your GitHub repo, select whatever maintenance module you need, such as the Angular to React option, review the AI agent's plan of action, and hit run. 

From there, Second’s AI agents will get to work generating what should be a high-quality pull request before sending it off to your team for review. 

According to Eric, developers are already using second for all sorts of tedious jobs that would otherwise stop them from focusing on building and shipping, like “AngularJS to React migrations, JavaScript to TypeScript migrations, feature flag cleanup, language upgrades, test generation, and more.”

So, instead of scaring a developer, why not put a smile on their face and introduce them to Second?



Touring is an AI app that helps you find hidden gems while traveling. 

BeeDone uses AI and gamification to increase productivity. 

Riffo automatically organizes and renames all of your messy files. 


Databutton is an AI assistant that builds your SaaS for you. 

Uimagine turns your idea into front-end design and code in moments.

RocketMail adds a minimalist widget to your site to make it easier to contact. 

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