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June 5th, 2024


Good morning, afternoon, or evening. In today’s digest. I’m talking about a new AI assistant from the darling podcast creation company, Descript. But before that…

Here are the headlines: 

ChatGPT, Claude, and Perplexity all went down at the same time yesterday.

🚀 Space X plans to conduct its fourth Starship flight test on Thursday.

🍎 According to sources, Apple may announce a partnership with OpenAI at WWDC.

Descript’s newest tool uses AI to help creatives automate tedious tasks

Since AI burst onto the scene, a lot of talk has focused on its ramifications, especially in the creative world, where it could pose a threat to artists, writers, photographers, and more. But there is another side to it—one where, rather than replacing, AI helps these fields produce great content faster and cheaper

Descript, long celebrated for making podcast creation easier with its intelligent speech recognition and editing tools, has just launched Underlord. It’s an AI tool designed to help you with some tedious video editing tasks while leaving you in control. 

Here’s the lowdown:

Audio: Underlord cleans up audio, ensuring high-quality sound for your videos. It removes background noise and optimizes audio levels to ensure you always sound your best.

Script Writing and Brainstorming: One of the toughest challenges in content creation is facing the blank page. Underlord helps overcome this by brainstorming ideas and generating script outlines for video projects. It provides creative suggestions, structures your thoughts, and offers a foundation to build upon.

Composition: Underlord automatically addresses composition issues. It ensures eye contact, centers the speaker, and generates images to display alongside the video. Additionally, it adds multicam angles where needed to enhance the visual experience.

Repurposing: This feature automatically clips videos to identify segments with the highest viral potential. It can add captions and titles, and resize videos for different social media platforms, ensuring your content is optimized for each platform's unique requirements.

If you want to test Underlord with your next video, you can do so now. The Descript team is also hosting a live demo tomorrow if you want to see how it can work for you. 

Check it out
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