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June 30th, 2019

What is a “zombiecorn”

Remember Evernote?

Spoiler alert: It’s not dead. If you weren’t (or aren’t) a die-hard user, it’s a note-taking up that was hugely popular a few years go. The company was founded in 2008 and reached unicorn status in 2012. To date, the company has raised nearly $300M in venture backing.

However, Evernote’s growth began to slow in 2015, and the company went through multiple rounds of layoffs over the past few years. According to a recent NYT article, Evenote is joining a cast of dying unicorns, or "zombiecorns," which also includes once-hot companies like Foursquare and Quora.

Some comments from Evernote’s 2014 PH launch:

“Great piece of kit, would certainly recommend! I'm a premium user, and it's worth every penny.” - Giacomo

“Still my fave. Very easy to use. I have premium subscription so I am very satisfied.” - Liz

“The second brain” - Felix

And what users thought of Evernote’s reboot in 2017:

“I want to love you again Evernote” - Brian

“I too want to remember everything! Always love you Evernote... sometimes you make it difficult, but always love.” - Austin

“Great to see Evernote doing something new. I love it as a service. It's like Dropbox for my brain.” - Samuel

With fierce customer appreciation, Evernote continues to serve a dedicate pool of users. Today, Evernote’s apps are still downloaded 50,000 times per day, but the company faces stiff competition. Other popular apps in the world of note-taking:

Notion combines the best features of Dropbox, Excel and Google Docs 🗒

Google Keep lets you save your thoughts wherever you are 💭

Taskade lets you create tasks, notes, and video chat on the same page ✔️

Bear is a well-designed, flexible writing app for notes (and prose) 📝

Things is a productivity app for the hyper-organized 💯

Milanote is a notes app for more ~creative~ work 🧠

Todoist makes entering new tasks lightning-fast ⚡️

Tell us what you think of Evernote today here.

Review Evernote

For more multi-tasking, try this slide in/slide out iPad-style Mac app. 🙌

“In the end, all I needed was a simple tool that allowed me to glance at it and do a quick action, like taking down a to-do or sending a quick message.” - Slidepad Maker Potter Dai.

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