Note taking gets even simpler



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Jack Smith — Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Evernote just launched a brand new look on the web; bringing them more up to date with their desktop apps.

When you sign in/create an account, click this: http://ge.tt/9IBhdG02/v/0?c to get upgraded to the new - super simple - look.
Jesse Armstrong — Designer, Shermco
Evernote has betrayed us.
Demitris Memos — CEO, MarineTraffic
@jessearmstrong I think they just found a way to make (heavy) users pay - because they could. Now it's up to us to decide whether to stick with Evernote or switch...
Jesse Armstrong — Designer, Shermco
@demitrismemos in a way yes, but heavy users would already have to pay because they would almost certainly have hit their sync bandwidth limits. But they didn't just attempt to convert their free users into paid users, they also raised the price for everyone at the same time. A terrible choice. If they wanted to raise the price they should never have paired it with the showstopping limitation on the free tier. They could have added the restriction on the free tier (and of course people would still be angry) and held off on the price hike for 6 months or a year. Increasing the price by 50% at the same time is just turning the knife in the wound. Let's alienate ALL of our users at the same time, great strategy.
Demitris Memos — CEO, MarineTraffic
@jessearmstrong True. At least they did offer a 50% discount on the premium plan... which I'll probably just have to accept now
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