iPad style multitasking on your Mac

#1 Product of the DayJune 30, 2019
By slide in and slide out, Slidepad brings iPad style multitasking to your Mac. Using Slidepad is as easy as using your dock.
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Hello, I'm the maker of Slidepad! Very surprised to see it posted here! = ) Thank you @buzzb0x for sharing it! Slidepad is my very first Mac App, if you happen to encounter any problems or have any suggestions, please do tell me! = ) I made Slidepad simply because I was very fascinated by the idea of Station, but found it too heavy for me to use it every day. In the end, all I need is a simple tool that allows me to glance at it and do a quick action, like taking down a to-do or sending a quick message. So I hybrid Helium, Station, and slide-over window from iPad, Slidepad was born. I do hope you guys will like it! =D
@potter_dai I added you as the Maker :) Two things: the Download button is broken; you should have an about page or at least Twitter link and everything!
@buzzb0x I hear you, sorry for the poor support at current stage. I didn't expect to get featured from Product Hunt, and didn't get well prepared. Haha, my bad! Will definitely catch up soon! = )
Discovered this little utility on a news article from (French Apple related media) and it is exactly what I was looking for when using Franz or Helium but it actually works. You can put whatever you want on the floating window and access it quickly from any space. The bonus is that I think it's a Safari webview, not yet another Electron app, so it seems light on battery and CPU. Don't know who made this but thanks a lot!
There's a similar app called Tuck ( that lets you dock any app window like that.
Great idea & app! I especially like that it is based on Safari. A shortcut to switch between spaces would be great.
@tafkaf Hi, thank you very much for the suggestion! Tab-switching has been implemented in the next update, hopefully to be released today or tomorrow, stay tuned! = )