Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 20th, 2019

Apps that can’t be evil

Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Blockstack.

With Libra’s launch from Facebook earlier this week, cryptocurrency has been top of mind.

But beyond the hype, the blockchain and decentralized architecture that is often used in cryptocurrencies have a lot of exciting use cases beyond tokens.

If you’ve been following Product Hunt's work on App Mining with Blockstack, you may have tried one of the over 140 apps in the wild that solve a number of problems inherent to our current internet, and empower people to connect and collaborate in new ways. These apps are built so that your fundamental digital rights remain protected, meaning you own both your identity and data from the start.

Curious how that’s possible? You’re in luck. Blockstack breaks it all down and makes it easy to try it for yourself. The TLDR: the traditional model of a central entity controlling everything is gone and the underlying network puts users in charge.

And if you’re the type that just likes to jump in and play around, here are some of our favorite new apps that (quite literally) can’t be evil:

💌 Dmail is a privacy focused email provider

🙌 BitPatron is a decentralized censorship-free Patreon alternative

🔒 Closet is a password and secrets manager for teams

💸 Lannister Capital is the simplest wealth manager and financial planner

👏 Blackhole is a blockchain-based file transfer tool for everyday use.

💵 Paid lets you sell anything and pocket everything

🔮 Predicto makes predictions about future events to earn money

You can check out all 140 of them here.

P.S. You still have time to submit an app to Blockstack’s Can’t Be Evil contest (there’s over $15,000 up for grabs).

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