User owned and encrypted password manager

Closet brings you the ideal password manager experience -
πŸ” Passwords encrypted using user private keys
πŸ’½ Passwords stored on the user's server
πŸ‘€βŒ No data transferred to any intermediaries hence no chance of data leak.
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Cool, I always forget my passwords!
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@alexeyivanenko4 We welcome you to try out our app. :-P
Excuse my ignorant, but could you tell me how to use this product in teams?
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Hi Product Hunt, We are developers of Closet, a password manager built on Blockstack. We built this on Blockstack because of the built-in security and privacy features Blockstack provides. This helps us make the claim that the passwords data is encrypted using the user's private keys and stored on their own storage. This means there is zero chance for anyone to ever access your private passwords. We think this claim is critical for any password manager and therefore we got behind this project. Please check us out and let us know what you think.
Nice, here are a few suggestions: - ability to import data from Keepass - add a URL field and make that url clickable for quick access - add an extra field because sometims you have login + password but you also have an email or an account number that's not the actual login. - allow double-clicking on any of these fields to copy the data in the clipboard - store the date the field was added - add folders and subfolders - allow to sort folders and subfolders
This product would be better if the developer actually kept it working. What kind of devoper creates something then abandons it, allowing it to break? FIX THIS!!!