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By using BitPatron, you help to shape the future of Free Speech and Bitcoin adoption while creating a meaningful revenue stream
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@vinicius_melo1 I'm curious to know what the feedback has been so far from patreon converts if there has been many, I know patreon has its lovers and haters
@aaronoleary Actually, the feedback has been amazing considering it's still a very early alpha. Some content creators with a crypto audience are actually making more money on Bitpatron, they have reported that users tend to book longer subscriptions when paying in BTC. On the other hand, many are missing some media formats support, like podcasts and live videos. We are currently developing and they will be available in the next release.
@aaronoleary @vinicius_melo1 Is this project open source like graphite, Do you use gaia hub to store users' data? How can I submit issues and bugs?
Love this idea! Many content creators are worried about Patreon. It's always good to have alternatives
that's nice
Nice idea, what blockchain technology is this on? Ethereum, Eosio ?