Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 19th, 2019

Your turn to be the CEO of Product Hunt

Since our API's birth in 2014, we've seen our community build a variety of creative, sometimes silly, ideas with it including a:

🙌 Chrome Extension to surface the day's most popular products

👀 “Tinder for products” mobile app

👏 Mac menubar app to quickly browse the day's top products

🤫 Command line interface to browse Product Hunt secretly at work

💬 Direct messaging app for the community

Over the past five years, we've also made several updates to Product Hunt, including a space for makers to share what they're working and help one another with their side (or full-time) projects. But we haven't updated the API to include this new functionality... until 4 days ago.

Today we're pulling the covers off Product Hunt API 2.0 and kicking off our next Makers Festival to support everyone in building something cool.

Throughout the next four weeks, we're challenging you to surprise and inspire the community with your 'API Edition' Festival creations.

For more inspiration, here are some product requests we and the community would love to see built:

  • Makers mobile app. A simple app to view, add, and start goals.
  • Makers Mac menubar app. A tiny app to view, add, and start goals. Bonus points if it includes the goals friends are currently working on.
  • Goal integration with other apps. Make it super easy for people to share their tasks and to do's from 3rd party apps like Todoist, Wunderlist, Trello, and others to Makers.
  • Guess the product. A silly game that presents four product taglines. Three are real, one is fake. Guess the fake product.
  • Upvoting browser extension. A Chrome/Firefox/Safari extension that embeds an upvote button on the page when viewing a product that's been hunted.
  • Mentorship matching. A site, weekly email, or app that matches makers in the community that have complimentary skill sets to accomplish specific goals or tasks.
  • Tipping for makers. A browser extension that embeds a “tip” button on comments, using Lightning or something similar.
  • Product Hunt TV. A site to channel flip through product videos.

Of course you can build whatever you’d like using the API. Get creative.

Sign up for Makers Festival here. Registrations close May 26!

Winners will be announced on June 25th (and receive a Silver Kitty trophy). If you have any questions, join the discussion here.

We can't wait to see what you build. 😻


"I sure do need some furry toilet paper, a coffee cup holder holder and a new pair of moonglasses."


This design project is for all the *non* #requestsforproduct. Think AirPod chopsticks, avocado on a stick and iPhone beds. 😂

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