Product Messenger

A messenger app for the Product Hunt community

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πŸ‘‹ 😻, I love Product Hunt, but I found it difficult to directly message the people I interact with on PH. I'd either have to tweet at them or find an email. It turns out, the community wanted a messaging feature as well: With that in mind, I created a lightweight messenger app to enable private messages for makers, collaborators, and investors on Product Hunt (starting with iOS only). Looking forward to discussing here in the comments, or even better, on the app πŸŽ‰
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@dnosk btw... it's not loading"interactions" :(
@erictwillis just noticed this with another user, empty state error. Since you just messaged with me, you can head back to Home and pull to refresh and it will load interactions. Fix on the way :D
@dnosk yep..working now :)
@erictwillis it's slow but finally loaded for me
@sridhar_kondoji @erictwillis just woke up and scaled a couple backend services, should be running faster now. Cheers to 24 hour on call for PH launches!
does it have stories!?
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@tonycarreon I totally should have added Stories as a Service by @fredrivett and @mikeaag
@dnosk Do let us know if we can help πŸ˜†πŸ™ˆ
@dnosk +1 for this!
@tonycarreon Asking the right question!
Nice! I actually believe we had Direct Messaging as a feature a while ago but it was rarely used. How did you build this messenger app? Is it run on something special?
@bentossell Thanks! Yes, I heard from the PH Live @rrhoover gave that there was a beta that didn't work out so well because of execution and PH didn't want it to turn into LinkedIn Messages. To make it relevant, I included a few contextual features like "recent interactions from PH." I'm hoping to add more of these features to make it seamless between PH and PM. It is just a simple iOS messaging app using the Product Hunt API: I used it for authentication and some basic user details and the rest is built off of the messenger.
@dnosk @bentossell @rrhoover There should be a SXSW for ProductHunt β€“ with messenger filling the role that twitter first filled there. SXS..ofMarket
Just installed - looks awesome. My inbox is open if anyone wants to chat πŸ™Œ
@ryanheybourn sliding into that dm!
Wow. This is awesome. I would love to use it
@sridhar_kondoji πŸ™ you're awesome!