Hunt X is a native macOS App for browsing Product Hunt.
Unique feature of Hunt X is to get the entire list of all the Hunts. You can easily sort the products by Day, Week, Month and Year.
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Well done, @desaiguddu. What are you planning to add to Hunt X that's unique and not possible on the web? P.S. those interested in hacking with our API, please send your info here and we'll get you setup. Here's incomplete list of products people have created.
@rrhoover thanks for encouraging words :) Web is powerful platform now! So being unique/different is not a priority, being better is ! Currently we support Last Month Hunts which is unique compared to PH website. Next in list is an ability to take note & categorize Hunts, kinda Instagram for PH. Releasing early is again an idea of crowdsource roadmap of product and iterate it on what people need ! @rrhoover what would be your most desired feature in Hunt X ?
Downloaded and tested. Love it, with feedback below. But first, some context…. I use PH for two primary reasons: As a consumer: I use PH to find the latest awesome products that might make my life more productive/fun/profitable/whatever. It’s the best place on the web to discover new tools. As a VC: I use PH to find apps and startups that might meet our investment thesis. The PH community is great and the feedback is unlike anywhere else. Onto the feedback: As a consumer, Hunt X is useful because if I missed a cool product from yesterday, last week or month, etc., I can simply organize by upvotes or comments and see what I’ve missed. There is no easy way to do this natively on PH (that I know of). As a VC, Hunt X is much more powerful for me. I like how I can sort by upvotes/comments to see what is receiving a lot of positive (or negative) feedback. What I would like to see from Hunt X is the following: Faster: Dudes, it loads way too slow right now. Almost to the point of unusable. More Tabs: Can you add tabs for custom dates, like All Time. Keyword Search: This is where you can shine. Let me search by product name, description, username, and/or comments. Weighted Search: Not all comments/upvotes are created equal. Would be cool to filter search by which products get the most feedback from people that are active on the website often. UI/UX: I don’t need Hunt X to look like PH for it to be effective. If reformatting the data made the app run faster, I would embrace that change. ps - if you tapped into the AngelList and Crunchbase APIs, this could be an extremely powerful tool. Happy to chat more if you continue development.
@benhoffman_ Thanks for the great feedback :) Your primary concern that Hunt X is slow, because to get last 30 days Hunts, we are making 30 service calls. @andreasklinger can help us on this :( @andreasklinger can you suggest how we can make the experience better, by getting hunts between time range?
Hey Product Hunters, Chief Hustler of MobileFirst ( is here. Share your suggestions & feature requests. Hunt X (0.1) is an experiment with Product Hunt API. We tend to create minimal and painfully simple app for Mac.
Very well-done! Great job!
@paisano Thank you very much !
I don't see how a Mac client is going to be a better experience for users than the web version but I'm happy to see you prove me wrong. My worry for you is that anything you do with Hunt X that leads to something that significantly improves upon @producthunt would likely be duplicated by @producthunt at some point in the future. What are your primary use cases for this? Simplicity? - doesn't seem like @producthunt is all that difficult via the web.
@joshkerr it's great that Hunt X grabbed your attention. I agree with the points you mentioned. Hunt X is currently an experiment/ side project, born out of Weekend hack. Frankly we yet not figured how sustainable it is in long run! I foresee, @producthunt would be more than discovery platform. May be curated list for startup founders that don't suck. Minimal & distraction free, is my personal use case. Web browser is too distracting. p.s - we are mobile development studio, this gig may land us some high quality connects.
@desaiguddu if your web browser is too distracting why don't you try to fix that problem for everyone across all apps? Go after the bigger opportunity. There is no question that building things and releasing them will attract attention and possibly new gigs for your development studio. Plus you learn a lot about technology and more importantly spot new opportunities.