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It was just a matter of time before something like this shows up :D Nice! I wish there is a way to use this command line tool without creating your own app and pasting your accessToken. Its kind of a showstopper for me using it, although i am a developer and have plenty if apps on Product Hunt i could use.
I think it's great something like this, but yet the ProductHunt API is read-only, I think when the API change, more cool features can be added to this command line to automate the process of post, etc.
Awesome, a PH api console :) I could have use that when building previous products, instead of basically pasting my code in rails console to explore. @kristories any chance to have a generic command in order to be able to try api endpoints not directly implemented in Phunt? EDIT: also, a non REPL mode like `phunt -c posts` could be cool to allow fast scripting.
@oelmekki try to pipe httpie output to jq and you'll be able to build a "client" to any API.
I would like to utilize this for our startup if possible =)
Haha, I love this one