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any plans for an android version?
@alonnir in retrospect, I'd say no.
We've been joking about a Tinder for Product Hunt for a while. Then one day I visited Tradecraft and @mishachellam said, "Hey, Ryan. You have to see what @spyuchan's working on." :) cc @imkialikethecar @carmeldea P.S. If you're interested in hacking with the upcoming Product Hunt API, add your info here.
@spyuchan @rrhoover Exactly what I've been looking for this week

sounds like a cool idea


no time wasted


no Android version! can't test it.

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Love it! In case you're looking for bugs - the user avatar overlaps slightly with username when you go into a product. Also, is there a way of unliking products? (EDIT: found that you unlike by swiping all the way to the left when you're in your favourites - might be a bit fiddly!)
@riaface thanks for finding the bug! will be fixed soon!