Product Hunt Weekly Digest
May 12th, 2019

Apple quietly launched a game

In a truly bizarre move, Apple has quietly released its first iPhone game in over a decade. Even weirder? The game appears to by a tribute to Warren Buffett, one of Apple's largest shareholders (he currently holds between $40-$50B in stock). 💸

The game is called Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard, where players deliver newspapers (playing homage to Buffet's job as a 13-year-old boy). How to play: you get points for each newspaper that lands at its target, and lose points for hitting things like birds or cards. The game also gets gradually harder as you, the paper boy, travel from Omaha, Nebraska to Cupertino, CA (there are only two levels). 

The game is more or less a clone of Atari's 1985 arcade game Paperboy, but is copyrighted and operated entirely by Apple. For context: the last iPhone game Apple developed was Texas Hold'em back when the App Store 2008. 😳

The game is free to download so give it a whirl and please tell us what you think

Some more weird games: 

💀 Ok, Dracula for kicking skulls 
😛 CatchFlake for playing with your tongue 
🔷 Tilespace for a puzzle 
🐯 Animar for AR wild animals

Play! 🗞

Product News! 😻

Bobbie, a baby formula delivery service, just launched. Osé, the sex toy that was banned from CES got an apology from the conference and $2M in funding. Singapore-based Grain raises $10M to expand its food delivery service. Honeyminer lets you mine crypto from your computer. You now buy a Moleskine notebook that connects to your Dropbox.

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